May 17th, 2009 | Richard Almond

Image 6 is the 2nd of the ‘Glimpse’ images, and is located through Image 4. When the glass in Image 4 is clear of snow, the transition to Image 6 is triggered. The scene is the simplest of all, yet probably the most effective. A dull, grey view of a rooflight appears, there is no interaction from the user and the scene seems to have little interest. The user soon notices however that the image has become vibrant and colourful, with bright yellows and blues glowing through the dirty glass. A burst of sunlight has illuminated the rooflight. The panes appear like thin, opaque slabs of brilliant marble, just for a second, before again the image blends back to its initial gloomy grey.

The method for creating this scene was very simple, consisting of two versions of the same image, one full saturation, and one with a very low saturation. The saturated image is arranged above the de-saturated version, and a very slow alpha tween is applied, from 0% to 100% and back to 0%. Because of the pace of the tween, the user often does not realize the transition is occurring until the image is at full saturation, and they remember how grey it was initially. As with all of these “Glimpses of the Spectacular”, the view disappears as suddenly as it appeared. The user is limited to a brief interaction, a brief pleasure.

The final version is below. Please note that the transition buttons to other images have been disabled for preview purposes.

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