May 17th, 2009 | Richard Almond

Image 7 is the first of the feature images, the first ‘Glimpse of the Spectacular’. The image is reached by clicking the small gap between the lower window panes in Image 2. It is immediately apparent that this image is different to those the user has viewed up to this point. Intrigued by the glow piercing the gap in Image 2, the user wonders what is behind this gap, and when clicked they are offered a glimpse through. A vibrant, warm sunset squeezes between the misaligned panes. The user’s mouse becomes their eyes any they are able to pan around the image of the sunset, exploring.

However close the user feels to the sunset, streaks across the glass remind them that there is still a layer separating them from what they desire, and as quickly as this ‘Glimpse of the Spectacular’ appears to the user, it is taken away from them again.

To create this animation, a zoomed-in image of the gap in the window panes was blown up to fill the scene. This was blurred to achieve the effect of being in the foreground and to simulate depth. Behind this, an over-sized image of a sunset was taken, and ActionScript applied to allows it to move in the opposite direction to the position of the mouse, relative to the centre point.

Below is the final version. Please note that the transition buttons to other images have been disabled for preview purposes.

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